segunda-feira, 18 de agosto de 2008

Casting: Marilyn NY

A agência Marilyn de NY divulgou o casting bombator que irá arrazar na temporada de desfiles primavera/verão 09.
Confira as brasileiras da seleta lista.

Thana Kuhnen (Marilyn/Way)

Nathalie Edenburg (Marilyn/Way)

Angelica Sulzbach (Marilyn/Way)

Carol Trentini (Marilyn/Way)

Cintia Dicker (Marilyn/Way)

Drielly Oliveira (Marilyn/Way)

Luana Teifke (Marilyn/Way)

Foto: Reprodução/Glynis Selina

Um comentário:

ryder disse...

marilyn has great show cards this ss. tana looks more like a supreme girl, and cytnita - well i never really kiked her as well as agynes d. i know i know- style icon---well not to me. other girls are just amazing. i like the flow and simplicity of girls.

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